Top 10 Dragon Movies

10. The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story

Based originally on a German novel, The NeverEnding Story is a fantasy film about a child in the then-modern age (it was the 80’s), finding a magical book and learning about the wonderful adventures hidden within –adventures that he himself later becomes a part of. It is an amazing film to watch, and during its time, it has some of the most vivid imagery seen on film thanks to the use of amazing visual effects.

The dragon in the film is none other than Falkor, a long white fluffly dragon who face many think looks a lot like a dog’s (it kinda is). This big white dragon is basically a wish-fulfillment creature that children will love: a dragon that will let you ride on its back and take you anywhere you want to go.

09. Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury

Top 10 Dragon Movies

This CG animated short is actually a spinoff from the How to Train Your Dragon films and stars none other dragon tamer Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) and Toothless the Night Fury. If you have not seen the films, it would be a little hard to appreciate the story here (since there is a lot of pre-established lore to go through). Also, the character interactions would make a lot more sense.

The story here is pretty simple. Hiccup provides Toothless with a means to fly on hs own, and the two end up separated. While they have their own separate adventures, Hiccup’s town, Berk, falls victim to the unintended shenanigans of Astrid and the rest of the film’s main cast.

08. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Top 10 Dragon Movies

Goku and Vegeta are forced to work together to fight a new enemy in the form of Janemba, a powerful entity that has taken over the spirit world –literally causing lots of problems for all the spirits in the afterlife. As expected from Akira Toriyama’s anime series, the main draw of this show is the amazing fight scenes which is animated to perfection. The Fusion in the title, refers to the then-new fusion ability where two Saiyan can combine into one entity that is significantly more powerful than the two.

The dragon in this film is Sheng Long (also known as Shenron), a mighty wish granting dragon that appears after all seven Dragon Balls are collected. After granting one wish, the dragon disappears and the seven balls scatter across the world –and whoever collects them can make a new wish in the following year.

07. Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon

Top 10 Dragon Movies

Goku takes a step out of the spotlight for most of this film as new character Tapion and long term supporting cast characters Trunks and Goten take up most of the film’s screen time. The story revolves around a powerful and ancient dragon trapped inside Tapion that is slowly breaking free and it is up to the series’ heroes to find a way to stop it.

The dragon in the film is a new monster called Hirudegarn. This powerful creature is not like any traditional ‘dragon’ in a visual sense (in many ways, it looks a lot like previous DBZ antagonist, Perfect Cell).

06. Mulan

Top 10 Dragon Movies

This Disney animated film is the cartoon adaptation of the legend of Fa Mulan. The basic premise is that the empire is being invaded by the Huns. Because of the war, the army will conscript one male from each family to serve as soldiers. Since the only man in Mulan’s family is her sick father, she dresses up as a man in order to go in his stead. Despite the fact that she is a woman, Mulan quickly proves her value on the battlefield.

The dragon in this film is Mushu, a little dragon that came from a botched summoning by Mulan’s ancestors. In any case, Mushu’s job is to protect Mulan. While Mushu is a bonafide fire breathing dragon, he is also very small and has almost no fighting power. The most help he can give is advice, as well as providing a lot of comic relief in the story.

05. Shrek

Top 10 Dragon Movies

Shrek is the most unlikely hero for a fairytale –by the virtue of the fact that he is an ogre and is thus, supposed to be a villain. But when his solitary swamp becomes a refuge for fairytale creatures, he is forced to embark on an adventure to rescue a princess, and hopefully regain some semblance of peace and quiet in his swamp. This CG animated film is a laugh trip from beginning to end, poking fun at many traditional themes seen in Disney films.

The dragon in the movie an iconic, giant, fire breathing, winged, lizard-like beast that is guarding a princess (much like the typical fairytale quest); considering what this film is however, the twist with the dragon is pretty funny but we won’t spoil the ending for those of you who have not seen the movie.

04. How to Train Your Dragon

Top 10 Dragon Movies

Berk is a Viking town has powerful warriors –and they are truly powerful for these Viking specialize in dealing and fighting with dragons. But the king’s son, Hiccup, does not share his kingdom’s view of the dragons. He is amazed and charmed by the powerful beings –much to the dismay of his father. So when Hiccup accidentally injures and befriends the legendary Night Fury dragon, he will have to find a way to change the society of his kingdom.

The Night Fury, named Toothless, is pretty small for a dragon, but still substantially larger than a human. And while he is fast and powerful, Toothless is also very cute and lovable.

03. How to Train Your Dragon 2

Top 10 Dragon Movies

Changing a dragon-hunting town into a dragon-loving haven (which dragons also love back) was not an easy task for Hiccup, Toothless, and their friends. But when a new threat to the dragons arise, Hiccup must once again take to the skies as a dragon tamer –in order to save not only Berk and its dragons, but all the other dragons of the land as well.

Lead dragon Toothless now shares the spotlight with several other dragons –each with its own unique ability and specialty.

02. Dragons II: The Metal Ages

Top 10 Dragon Movies

This CG film is a little less known than most of the other titles on the list –and that is not surprising at all. As a tie-in with Mega Bloks, not many people have seen this direct-to-TV film. It’s a fantasy storyline about armies of people with dragons fighting against one another (since it is for younger viewers, there is a discernable ‘villain’ in the conflict). Much of the groundwork and lore is laid out in the first Dragons CG film, Fire and Ice so it is recommended that you watch that before viewing this.

01. The Way of the Dragon

Top 10 Dragon Movies

Unlike the rest of the films in this list, The Way of the Dragon is a Hong Kong martial arts movie starring Bruce Lee. The story is pretty simple, a Chinese-run eatery in Rome is being threatened by the Mafia. When the owners of the restaurant ask for aid from relatives in China, they send Tang (played by Bruce Lee). Under Tang’s guidance, the restaurant staff learn to fight for themselves, and together, they all fight back against the Mafia.

The dragon in this film is none other than the legend of martial arts, Bruce Lee. Who iconically fights off Chuck Norris and other seasoned fighters in the course of the film.